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Natalie here.  Sorry for the delay.  While I managed to steal the first half list from Shihan so I could properly recap, I have had such a full schedule that I didn’t get a moment to post.  The first half went something like this:

Steve P did his pre-birthday poem.

Donny… typically impressive with much stage presence.

Soulo did a fancy backwards poem that was quite interesting.  I did wonder what would happen if he messed up… I secretly wanted him to say the sentence in the right order just to confuse everyone.

Twin yelled out most of the first half and then shared a love poem that filled the audience with laughter.  I’m not sure if it was that Twin, a typically confrontational writer, decided to take the love turn or if it was that he let the audience imagine his lines too long.  “Her skin is like fur” was the opening line.

Daniel (our college boy) back for the summer shared work with more cursing than we have ever heard from him.  See what college does… cursing!

Our feature Ove, did his thing.  Most of the audience had never seen him before so he did a bit of new and old work.  We love having features; it really brings a different element to the room.  It’s so important to us to expose our audience to the many brilliant poets from around the country.  We often get jaded thinking poetry only looks like what we do but this art is limitless.

The 2nd half was short on time so I tried to pack as much in the one hour as possible.  François opened the 2nd half since last week he somehow got skipped. Angie with a post break-up poem.  Kurtis did a poem to a cute girl in the audience.  She smiled the duration of the poem.  Matty while he proclaimed his love of poetry above all things, he didn’t care enough for the poets in the first half not to text during most of their poems. Matty consider yourself WARNED!!!!

My favorite part of the night had to be the end when several of my new favorites went back to back: Joel, Ashley, April, Tammy, Maceo and Venessa.  It was a brilliant way to end a lovely night.

See you soon!



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