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– Gimel –

As a deejay i get to see DA Poetry lounge from a very different angle. Even the audience and poets sitting on the stage get to change seats from week to week so as the sound selector I have to rely on listening comprehension to enjoy the show finding fitting theme music from poem to poem. Now I’ve been asked to blog my experience from the night of May 18th. Since I did get a heads up before the night began, I got a chance to do a little preparation with names. Like I said earlier I see the show from a different perspective so I usually forget names and don’t always see faces. Now that’s my disclaimer. Tuesday May 18th was a slam night at Da Poetry Lounge which always comes with a slight element of surprise because the poets chosen are done so by the luck of the draw. I must say, this month was a bit more tamed than some in the past and believe me, after 10 years of witnessing slam I have seen some suspect poetic expressions. This weeks finalist came down to 4 DPL regulars featuring Youssef Grant’s emotionally driven metaphors, where even off paper strikes any listener with a sense of morality and compassion. There was also Jason Mars, a young imaginative yet somewhat political minded poet attacking religious enthusiasts. Then came Jill Crissy, the lone female finalist who’s comedic approach is guaranteed grasp your attention with her very confident and sassy style. Finally, there was Leon P who drives his messages with a blend of humor, sarcasm and social irony. The final round began and all four poets came with what appeared to be some of their favorite pieces. I gotta say that the standouts were Jill Crissy and Youssef. Jill was hilarious while kneeling down before a gentleman spectator then seemingly losing her balance but not missing a beat in the process. She wanted the people to know how she felt about scandalous men and women. Youssef’s final piece dealt with an illness that affected a younger family member where he said that even he deserved to be ill before his not yet teenaged cousin. The judging was close and if I’m not mistaken would have been closer if not for Jill Crissy’s time penalty. This brought Youssef to the top of the podium collecting $75 and bragging rights for this months poetry slam. Congratulations! Now the second half becomes a tad more tamed never the less some surprises still manage to hit the stage. This night was no different with a “pussy poem” being “that poem” on this night. This poem came with an acronym for the word orgasm which for the life of me I cannot remember. Sorry! The funniest part about the poem was when he reached a peek and looked right at Natalie , our host and dedicated his next few lines to her. Oh my goodness that was GREAT! My actual favorite from the half was performed by a brother named Nnamdi and his poem was a retrospective of his African born father living up to the responsibility of raising his family and putting his children through school while driving a cab in the states. Very inspirational! Finally the line which resonated within me the most came from a “Ms Know It All” themed piece where the poet told the girl that she has 20/20 vision but no insight. He was strikingly upset with her and it showed.

Well, that’s my blog. i hope this gives you an idea of how much fun we have at Da Lounge and hopefully we will see you sharing the space soon.

Peace & Blessings, Brutha Gimel

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