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Poetri to Rachel

1) What does your Poetry smell like?

Sweaty tightrope walkers.

2) What is your favorite color and have you ever written a poem about it?

My favorite color to see is dark pink. My favorite color to wear is floral and animal print. However, I have never written a poem specifically about any of these things.

3) If someone gave you a million dollars to never write poetry again, would you do it and why? Or Why not?

Being a parent, I would say yes. A round of college for everybody! Woohoo! But I’d probably have it taken back because I think every poet finds a way to write it, even if it’s while making a grocery list. I am in constant poetry. I could easily never write a book of poems again, but poetry would sneak into the short stories I write, or the memoir I’ve been daydreaming about.

4) What is your favorite poem that YOU have ever written and why is it so special?

That’s like asking which child of mine is my favorite. It’s impossible to narrow down, because each poem is meant for something very specific (and different) than the others. This morning, at 9:30 on a Friday, my favorite poem of mine is “This Wild Thing.” A poem about being a parent, and how hard it is to let our children go, to live their lives. I am in constant worry over this. Yesterday, a student brought a gun to my youngest son’s school. So now I am rethinking next year. Will I home school (again?) Do I let him stay? Are there dragons in the clouds, ready to swoop down and take us all?

5) Why did you start writing poetry?

Because I needed to find better words for my sorrow. My friend had died, and it changed my life. His death is why I left my abusive boyfriend of five years. And why I started writing poetry (which were more like letters to him at the time.)

6) If you were gonna write a poem right now, right this very second, what would it be about?

Arizona. Ugh.

7) Who loves you the most?

I have no idea. But I know who loves me the best.

8 ) If you weren’t a poet, what would you be doing?

I have a dream of going to school to be a plumber. I’d start an all-female company.of plumbers, and we’d wear pearl necklaces and pink mechanic’s jumpsuits (so no possibility of butt crack.) For people (and especially women) who are uncomfortable with having a strange man in their home or apartment. I have a phobia of it myself, which is why my shower in Brooklyn dripped for three years. It’s also why I only go to female gynecologists. Only women can touch my plumbing.

9) What do you like about the poetry scene today? What do you dislike?

I like the sense of family, I dislike the nepotism.

10) How many times have you used Third Eye in one of your poems?


11) Do you believe in GOD?


12) If you could choose any poem in the world…which one best describes you?

The Sheep Child, by James L. Dickey

13) Does your daughter write poetry?

Which daughter? (I have three.) My oldest, Piper Jane, does. She’s been writing poetry since she was five. They are up on the “art wall” in our house.

14) Do you think you are a great writer, okay writer or a poor writer?

Okay. There is so much more I have to learn.

15) What do you think your purpose in life is?

To be the kind of parent I never had.

click here for Rachel’s website, where you can find her bio, calendar and merchandise


Rachel to Poetri

1. If your poetry was a sexual position, which one would it be?

I don’t know enough sexual positions to even answer this question, plus, my poems are not married, so they try hard NOT to have sex.

2. What was the first poem you ever wrote about?

A Tree.

3. What would you want on your tombstone, in haiku form?

A very confused
man, who did what he could do.
maybe I pleased you.

4. Whose poems would win in a fight between Lemon Andersen’s & Jerry Quickley’s?

Good Question. But, I would have to say Jerry, cause Jerry used to scare me when he read back in the day.

5. What poem have you NOT written yet?

The one about me being a superstar and how I am handling it. I figure once I become that star…yea, that will be the first one I write.

6. What is the worst book you ever read?

I can’t remember the title of it. But, if was a book I read in 7th grade. It was horrible. It was so bad, that I couldn’t stop reading it so I could complain about it.

7. How long does it take you to write a poem?

Depends on the poem, but usually about two days. The first day to write down all the notes and the second day to put it all together.

8. What’s the difference between poetry and prayer?

The poems that I hear sometimes are not going to GOD, they are written and being spoken cause the poet likes the way he sounds. A prayer is directed toward GOD and you want GOD to like what HE hears.

9. What is your favorite poem by someone else?

I go through periods of having different favorite poems at different times. But, I guess a staple favorite of mine is Taylor Mali’s “Teacher” poem.

10. Is there anything you would never write about?

Not, if I have a connection to it. Like I can’t write about Maxi Pads, cause I have no experience with that.

11. If you could give the last ten years of your poetry a grade, what would it be?

Whew. The last ten years? The first part of that last ten years would be an A. But the last part of it would be an F. So, I guess I am gonna have to say a C.

12. Write a poem/jingle for Supersized Maxi Pads. GO!

Woa, scary…I just answered this question.

13. If I asked you to write me a one-woman show, what would you title it?


14. Have you ever farted during a performance?

Several times. Matter of fact, the better question is…have I ever NOT farted during a performance.

15. What’s the most expensive thing you purchased in the last two weeks?

Frozen Fruit…geesh, I can’t believe frozen fruit costs that much.

click here for Poetri’s website, where you can find his bio and calendar.


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