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eh hem… Hi, its Maceo, here is my perspective of Tuesday.

In support of DPL’s partnership with DPL staff interns let the crowd know about Dip Dive. There were laptop booths set up for attendees to register for Dip Dive and get started with the movement.

If you missed the lounge, the first thing to note is that the power was out at the Greenway Court Theatre. Instead of being consumed by the night we resolved, and crashed the neighbors venue. Across the street, the National Council of Jewish Women’s building was opened for the audience.

Inside, it felt like a High School assemble during 2nd period before lunch. Fold out chairs, hardwood floor and distorted PA sound system.

There were some great poets, a song about the lounges birthday.  My two favorites where two DPL alumni, Javon aka. Dr Johnson, and Thea Monyee.

Javon let loose on the topic of the Tiger Woods scandal. I didnt know whether to laugh or listen intently, so I did both. Javon is master of dichotomy, he draws you in with his humor before the poem, get your attention, then he let’s you know what is on his mind.

Thea, is wonderful on and off the stage but it was special for Javon to introduce her as the feature with their friendship having lasted so long. Javon detailed Thea and Gaknew’s (her husband) first date.

When I listen to Thea speak I am unsure you can even describe it as performing. It is so much more genuine than other performances I have seen it is as if she is giving heartfelt advice to the entire audience at once. All of her work is of a caliber and integrity that I admire and what she did on that stage makes it perfectly clear why features are important to have at an open mic like Da Poetry Lounge.

The feature shows the younger artists in the room what the power of spoken word can be. It gives them a goal to strive for and a target for their ambition. At times we can all feel like no one is listening but when you see someone silence an audience and hold their attention you are reminded that you can accomplish so much with the power of spoken word.

It is a good mix to see a professional poet amidst all the open mic acts. As good as the upcoming talent is that attends Da Lounge I can’t stand some of the poets that read. Its just like American Idol. I will spare these young poets my critique because everyone is entitled to their time on stage but only if you are writing from a genuine place. It is to easy to tell who is there for the right reasons and who is there just to be seen. I know I am not immune to style criticism by any means but let’s be real. To the man who felt it was neccessary to wear an all pink ensemble with matching pink Chuck Taylor’s. ” You know those are women shoe’s dude, and tuck in your shirt.”

If they ever let me post again I won’t be so lenient… eh hem.


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